Sunday, January 12, 2014

Frames ::

In this photo I took a picture of an old barn that sits along side the lonely road. It isn't in the center of the frame but more on the left side, while the road is on the bottom right portion.

In this photo there isn't a main focus. The goats are in the bottom left portion of the frame and in the foreground. The mountain in the background is located across the middle and upper part of the frame.

The River in the photo was the main focus, but I purposely didn't make it the center of attention. It is in the left side of the frame, in the shadows. While the rocks are on the right side of the frame, with the sun shining on them. It creates a nice contrast.

The Icicles in this photo are spread from the bottom left to top right of the picture. If is obviously winter, not just because of the icicles, but because of the leafless trees in the top left corner.

In this photo car lights are being capture through the mirror. The reflection of the car is in the middle left portion of the frame. While the lights are on the middle right. The contrast of the sky not in the reflection (Upper portion) and in the mirror is very cool.