Sunday, October 27, 2013

Stitches :: 3 1/2 Years After The First Diagnosis :: Images


- On page 181 David is under anesthesia and is in a dream state. During his dream he says "ACK?". On the next couple pages, page 184. His right vocal cord had been taken out and all he could do was say "ACK?". This time the page was just zoomed in on his mouth. 


- Why does David's mother have so much hatred towards him?


- On page 167, David had just woke from surgery. His family had come into his room. In the frames I notice how in the foreground, David's dad is the only one looking him in the eye and talking. It seems very odd cause he is so enthusiastic and sympathetic, and he is usually never like that. In the background his mother and brother are keeping distance and trying to look him in the eye. They don't even say one word to him. As we find out later in the chapter, they knew he had cancer. Hence, why they were acting so odd. 

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